The Symbiotic Relationship Between Cannabis and Food

Many people turn to cannabis when they cannot develop an appetite on their own. While some may portray those who use cannabis as hungry stoners who will treat any meal placed in front of them as a gourmet feast, the reality is that cannabis truly helps those who are in need and allows those who struggle to eat healthy to change their cuisine for the better. The Symbiotic Relationship Between Cannabis and Food

How does cannabis help people eat better?

Weed munchiesCannabis is a great choice for the picky eater out there, the person who would survive on junk food if they were allowed to do so. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a little greenery to work up an appetite to consume those leafy greens, right?

Consumption of cannabis is proven to produce an increased appetite and sometimes, this is the kick start that those with poor eating habits need to make an improvement. The munchies have been known to occur, but they do not have to force smokers (or those who prefer edibles) into poor dining choices.

What does science have to say about this?

For decades now, cannabis users have been preaching the gospel about how food simply tastes and smells better while under the influence. Most attributed this to stoned rambling, but scientific studies have shown that cannabis can be used to kick start the appetites of not only the picky eaters of the world, but also those who are suffering from serious, life threatening illnesses.

Nature Neuroscience recently published a report that used the results from a study done on mice. The study found that the brain’s natural cannabis receptors caused the mice to smell food from further distances and promoted food intake in mice that were fasting.

Since anorexia and other similar conditions take place due to an altered perception, cannabis could represent a healthy alternative for patients who are suffering from eating disorders. Cannabis is already used during AIDS treatment and is also recommended by patients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, as well.

How cannabis can help

No matter where your personal opinions may lie, it cannot be argued that cannabis is a natural, healthy herb, one

that can provide numerous health benefits when used properly. Not only does it promote happier moods and increased pleasure for those who use the herb on a regular basis, but it can also spur more healthy eating habits, for those who are healthy and more important, for those who are not.

Cannabis is a healthy herb

As society’s stigmas towards marijuana usage continue to dissipate and the nation turns its attention towards the scourge of harmful drugs invading our cities, cannabis and its symbiotic relationship with food will only continue to receive more positive press, so cannabis enthusiasts are able to unite under a banner of good smoke, as well as good food.

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