The Effects Of Consuming Cannabis As Food

There have been a positive change in experts’ mind sets and opinions towards the usage and consumption of cannabis as observed in recent times. Results obtained from well-organized scientific research have led to the support and advocacy for the legal use of the drug for medical purposes.

Cannabis in pure formAs marijuana (cannabis) continues to gain global medical reputation more countries around the world and several states in the US (totaling about 20 in number) have begun legalizing the produce. These new laws have helped and are still helping researchers to carry out critical study on how the drug can medically improve health by seeking to obtain better understanding and its impact on the body in general.

To this effect, the research led to the discovery of two vital chemicals cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which tends to improve human health and positively affect the functions of the human body. The former tends to positively enhance the function of the brain without any form of highness while the later can act as a pain reliever.

Effects of Consuming Cannabis as Food

Apart from the fact that cannabis has been used to produce quite a number of synthetic drugs, this produce has also been discovered to be highly effective when it is consumed as food. Research has shown that the consumption of food-based cannabis medicines tend to affect patients in a different way than when cannabis is smoked or vaporized. Edible medical cannabis which can be found in popular places today can be used to prepare food when infused into oil or butter.

Eating cannabisConsuming Edibles as they are commonly called, may not really begin to take effect instantly unlike when they are smoked or vaporized. It could take up to 20 minutes or more before a difference can be observed. Since its dosages can be difficult to ascertain, it is recommended that at such a time only a small amount should be consumed so as to avoid over-medication.

It has been observed that the therapeutic effects derived from consuming edible cannabis which could take up to four hours, lasts much longer compared to other methods of its consumption. Compared to vaporizing and smoking cannabis, reports have shown that by consuming edible cannabis, patients tend to experience a more relaxed body effect than the common cerebral high which the former is often associated with.

For patients who prefer to opt for herbal medicine without having to ingest smoke, consuming edible cannabis will provide an excellent alternative to smoking. Consuming cannabis as food can help to tackle several health challenges such as seizures, diabetes, insomnia etc. It can be used as a sleep aid to induce sleep after consumption.

Please note that over consumption of medical cannabis can lead to adverse effects like, dizziness, lack of concentration, inability to focus, drowsiness, high and low blood pressure, euphoria etc.

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