Cannabis: The Superfood You Should Be Eating!

Hash BrowniesUsing cannabis in food is nothing new. A woman named Mary Jane Rathbun began making “magic brownies” during the 1980s AIDS crisis. This was not a stoner woman who had the munchies–Mary Jane was a hospital volunteer who treated many suffering, deathly-ill AIDS patients. She understood the benefits of ingesting cannabis, and knew it would ease the pain and suffering of her patients. Mary Jane spent hours baking treats for her AIDS patients and distributed about 100 per week. This little old lady showed that cannabis can be used to better our general well-being, and encouraged others to reap the benefits of marijuana in food.

Eating vs smoking

Eating cannabis does not have the same effects on the body as smoking does. When ingested in its raw form, the leaves do not contain any psychoactive ingredients. This source of food is loaded with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and anti-cancer nutrients. When properly cooked, eating food laced with cannabis can be a more efficient way of getting the benefits of THC.

Cannabis as a food itself, is chocked full of vitamins and other essential nutrients. In fact, the plant is classified as a vegetable, just as corn and green beans! Cannabis seeds are a superfood that provide high levels of protein and Vitamin E. The seeds also contain more omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids than any other source grown naturally.

Using cannabis as a food source is also sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Cannabis grown naturally, and when farmed correctly, has little impact on the surrounding environment. This makes it easy, and sustainable as a natural food source.

Easy to prepare!

One of the great benefits to eating cannabis, and using it to cook with, is that you have an easier way of getting essential nutrients. There are many ways to ingest cannabis; first, you can eat the seeds themselves. You get the most health benefits from the cannabis seed, so this is a very efficient way of reaping the benefits. You can eat the seeds whole, or you can grind them up and use as a flour base for baking. It can also be cooked into food.

Weed SmoothyYou can also drink the benefits of cannabis. A milk can be extracted from the seeds, and will still provide all of the nutritional benefits. You can juice the leaves as well, and drink the superfood, just as you would the milk. Again, you are still getting all of the nutrition as you would if you prepared it any other way.

Adding marijuana to butter or oil is probably the easiest way to cook with the substance. When you do this, you can cook just as you always would. There’s no need to worry about measuring or preparing the cannabis before you start cooking. If it’s in the butter and/or oil, you won’t even think about it!

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