Getting The Buzz Just Right

With the recent spate of states legalizing, or campaigning to legalize, recreational marijuana use edibles are becoming very popular. Pot shops are beginning to look more like bakeries than head shops. Infused edibles are discreet and allow easy dosing, so you can get your high anywhere including areas that don’t allow public toking. Edibles provide a different buzz than smoking or vaping. Eating your bud causes an intense high due to the THC having an easier time passing through your stomach membranes, much different than the way it absorbs through the lungs.

You can find pot shops selling infused cookies, brownies, gummies, candies, chocolates (yum!), and many more sweet treats. But what if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth? Great news! You can add marijuana to any recipe that uses butter, fats, or oils. Save yourself some cash and channel your inner Iron Chef by making your own cannabis infused foods.

But How?

The easiest way to add pot to food is make your own cannabis butter – cannabutter! 

Cannabis Butter

• Grind you’re your favorite strain – mmm Swiss Miss – into a fine powder

• Add it to a small amount of clarified butter or oil

• Heat, stirring occasionally to dissolve

• Use your cannabutter on and in everything!

Helpful Tip!

1 cupcake, cookie, brownie, or serving (whatever) = 1 joint or spliff, so adjust the amount of pot you use accordingly. Experiment with different strains and amounts to perfect your edibles. There is a vast variety of marijuana out there for your nibbling pleasure. Find your pleasure at


For the love of whatever deity you worship, please get your cannabis from a reputable source! Contaminants are a real downer, there is nothing worse than contracting hepatitis from your “happy cake.”

• Know your grower

• Get recommendations from reliable sources

• Grow your own – legally of course, in a state that allows it

• Find a legal cannabis seed seller

Who’s Contaminating Your Weed?

Some growers add chemicals to enhance growth or to control pests and diseases. There isn’t research being done on the effects of pesticides and herbicides on cannabis – yet. Think about it though, do you want to eat or inhale a bunch of nasty chemicals? No way, that’s what cigarettes are for!

Natural cannabis plant

Stored weed can grow molds and fungi. Some of this can be washed off with water, but seriously, if I wanted fungus I’d go shrooming. Hydroponically grown pot has a lower occurrence of mold and fungi growth. Keep your kush in a cool, dry place for best results.

A few disreputable retailers have been found to add glass beads or lead particles to cannabis to increase the weight or to increase the appearance of potency. This very rare, thankfully.

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