Cannabis And Food: Uses Of Cannabis

Cannabis plantCannabis is a tall plant with stiff upright stem. Cannabis has divided serrated leaves and has hairs that are glandular. The plant is commonly used to produce hemp fiber and is also used as a psychotropic drug. The cannabis plant is known to give pain relief and treat diseases like sclerosis, cancer, HIV, nerve pain, seizure disorders, crohn’s disease, and more. The presence of THC in cannabis is helpful in treating nausea and improving appetite. Cannabis is consumed through eating, drinking, and it is also commonly smoked and vaporized.

Cannabis has been a staple food crop for many centuries worldwide. It is also a popular ingredient while preparing household food and is proven to make food taste and smell better. Cannabis contains high nutritional value and is easily digestible. It provides an eco-friendly and sustainable food source that is rich in vitamin E, protein, and essential fatty acids.

Cannabis Foods

Cannabis foods are food products made out of cannabis ingredients found in resin or herbal form. Informally known as edibles, it includes foods like hash brownies, space cakes or happy cakes, and pot brownies and is used widely around the world. Cannabis foods are consumed by many people to experience the effects of cannabinoids as an alternative to smoking and vaporizing cannabis. They are used as ingredients in food items like cakes, cookies, brownies and different other food both for recreation and medicinal purposes.

Cannabis has a variety of uses, one of its most important uses being its use as food. Due to its medicinal uses and the substance available in the plant which makes the food smell and taste better, it is highly used and added to food. For those who want to avoid smoking but still want to use cannabis for health, eating or drinking it is a perfect solution.

Uses of Cannabis as Food

  •  Cannabis Tea and SodaMarijuana tea

The leaves, stems, and buds of cannabis can be used for making tea by boiling. It is known to have medicinal effects and relieves chronic pain. Cannabis sodas can be prepared by adding cannabis tinctures.

  • Cannabis Essential Oil

Cannabis essential oil is extracted from the flowers and upper leaves of the plant through steam distillation. It is considered to be effective in reducing illness and condition and is also known to regulate the appetite.

  • Adding Cannabis to Cakes, Stews and Biscuits

Cannabis can be added to any food that contains animal or vegetable fats. Cakes, stews and biscuits are food where cannabis is most commonly added as it makes the food smell and taste better.

  • Adding Cannabis to Drinks

You can even add cannabis to drinks like milkshake, yogurt and drinking chocolate for both recreation and medicinal purposes.

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