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ChrisChris’s Cannabis Room is a blog that was founded back in 2011, as a place where Chris would compile everything he found fascinating about the cannabis culture he had been recently introduced to by a friend. It began as a private place where he could release his thoughts on his experiences with marijuana. From his first joint, to learning how make butter, to learning the technique needed for a bong, he grew more accustomed to sharing the enjoyment he got out of his new found recreational activity.

Since then, he has garnered an audience who enjoys reading about his opinionated reviews on the political, medical and recreational news that populates the internet surrounding marijuana. Chris’s Cannabis Room looks to share and discuss a large variety of hot topics such as legalization, to medical marijuana dispensaries, to Cannabidiol as a safe drug.

From weekly news coverage, to pot-related recipes, to strain reviews, to articles on dabbing, Chris’s Cannabis Room looks to bring a wide range of creative opinions and discussions to the growing community.

Guided by his love for natural remedies and sociable nature, Chris looks forward to seeing you in the comments! If you have any stories you want featured, please feel free to contact us!

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